Wash day with ginseng

I didn't intend doing my own wash as the weather is too cold for airdrying. However, after moisturizing & sealing this morning, my hair felt too tacky and weighed down. That's to be expected since I've been doing heavy duty moisturizing and sealing daily with sheabutter.
**I used tepid water to rinse the hair before using a ginseng shampoo three times. The first application did nothing; my hair just laughed at it. The second and third use gave me the squeaky clean hair I wanted. I squeezed out excess water.
**Applied Dark and lovely amla legend mask.
I towel dried because the last thing I need is to make my cold worse with wet hair. My hair dried within a few minutes( harmattan wind at work).
Applied my leave in mix and sealed with sheabutter.
Side Notes: I saw about just 10 strands during detangling which is fabuloussss! It could be because I've been taking my mom's special tea- it has garlic, ginger and prekese(   ) in it. It can also be that my prenatals are working again since I'm back to taking them diligently thanks to my reminders. It could be the ginseng shampoo or M&S daily. Whatever it is, I'm super excited to see improvement within a week of being consistently conscious of what I do. Therefore, I will keep up with the same routine.
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How is your hair doing?


  1. Patricia Aikins-Gaisie12:24 pm

    Ginseng shampoo? Eeeeiii no conditioner after it? Anyway happy u have seen greet change in a week all the nest

  2. I used a deep conditioner, the dark and lovely amla legend mask

  3. kuukua3:20 pm

    What does ginseng provide to the hair or scalp? How does the shampoo smell though? lol.

  4. Lawrencia9:44 pm

    consistency pays

  5. abena8:03 pm

    It helps to strengthen the hair against breakage. The ginseng smells like gin


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