20 Weeks Relaxer Stretch Challenge

We are done with the fist four weeks of the #20weeksrelaxerstretch. How are you doing? Check out the beginning.

Here's a quick recap of events.

We did inversion for the month last week. Check day 1-7 for the updates.
My hair hasn't really been troublesome so far. I was 5 weeks post last week  and have had a relatively easy time managing my hair. I did a co wash with Dove heat defense conditioner in week four. (I'll use it a bit more before reviewing it). I'm still in my cornrows and will be attempting my first wash in cornrows.

The back of my hair has suffered the most during this postpartum shedding but I know it will be healthy again.
This month's inversion takes place from 22-28th.
The weekly fruits will be posted on the Facebook page as usual.


  1. Patricia Aikins -Gaisie12:33 pm

    Thanks for the update. i started my inversion from 1 - 7th


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