Healthilife style hair and nail care initial review

So I purchased Healthilife style hair and nail care when I had the go ahead to take a hair vitamin. There were popular brands but the ingredients in this one caught my attention. The main ingredient in it is yeast powder. I was skeptical about the powder since I didn't want any candida build up in my body but good old Google results showed that kind of yeast powder differs from the terrible candida ones. Also, yeast powder is used by breastfeeding moms to increase breast milk production so I chose that vitamin. I take it in the morning and will do so for the 30 days.
The first pill I took didn't give me any funny reaction and since it's once a day, it will be easy to finish it up; 2x a day pills aren't my thing!
I'll give a detailed review by mid March.
I'll be looking at any changes in my nails too.
Have you tried it before?



  1. Patricia Aikins-Gaisie1:32 pm

    Nice one, all the best. Waiting to see the outcome soon


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