Honey prepoo and co wash

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Since I want to test a new stylist before my special event on the weekend, I decided to do a honey prepoo and co wash with her.

To kill the suspense of testing the honey, I chose to add it to coconut oil for pre co wash treatment. I used about a teaspoon full of honey to 2 tablespoon full of the Makola virgin coconut oil and covered with a cap for 5 hours. When I got to the new stylist, I gave her my bottle of dove heat defense conditioner for the wash. She washed the hair twice per my request, applied Aussie hair insurance leave in and used plain water to roller set.
The fear I had was that the honey will leave my hair hard but it was the opposite. I think it's because I didn't use heat from the hooded dryer but rather my body's heat. Someone sat under a dryer to dc with honey and the hair came out stiff. Since that story, I've been reluctant to try honey on my hair. I'm glad I did though.

My hair was soft and smooth. It got me falling in love with my hair again (laughing at myself). When the stylist was done, we struck a conversation about postpartum shedding. She was quick to say that if that's how my hair responds to after delivery hormones, then, I'm in for a rocky ride with my hair. I already thought of that lol. I told her what I intend doing to my hair and the first thing she says is I don't need to go to a salon if I'm going natural. I should simply condition my hair among other interesting tips. She even suggested I try some chocho products which I'll definitely do.
A few shots of the new salon. I liked her painless roller set and the fact that she did what I requested. I guess I'll now test her braiding skills at another time. I've spotted a braid and weave salon too which I'll visit for a bun braid during the week for an event.


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