March one goal project

Don't forget to check out February,2015 one goal project and how I fared.
Thanks be to the Almighty Father for bringing us into the third month of the year. It's my prayer that He gives us the energy and will power to succeed in all our endeavours for the month.
Talking about endeavors, this month's one goal is actually a spill over from February. I got a cornrow updo installed about 2 weeks ago. You are no stranger to my inability to keep my hair tucked away for more than 2 weeks so this has become my goal for March.
The Goal
I will only take down this style after March 31st.
It's going to be very easy:-) I have 30 days to do so that's not a problem.
The second goal is to take 3 liters of water daily. My water intake is generally very good. At least 1.5 on days I don't put in any effort.
My target this month is aimed at keeping hydrated because the month might be very hot. A hydrated body= hydrated hair thus 3 litres will curb dehydration.

More details in the video.


  1. The water challenge is great..Wish to join in..are u taking your vitamins faithfully?

  2. abena5:40 pm

    Yes, day 2


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