This week in review:6 weeks post relaxer

Missed this week's wash day post, see how I did my protein treatment. Sorry for not posting the previous weeks' review. The load shedding here is absolutely horrifying such that getting power to charge phones is a headache. Anyways, for this week, I did a few things I want to share with you even with this small battery power left.

Moisturized and sealed with African pride sheabutter leave in
(The review is here)

 and African Pride olive miracle moisturizer. I wore the hair in a pony. Co washed in the evening with Dove heat defense conditioner and air dried overnight in the loose state. Big mistake! I woke up with matted and shrunken hair on Tuesday
I decided to apply cantu sheabutter argan oil leave in, African pride sheabutter leave in, covered with shower cap for a while. That was another mistake- my hair became too wet. I won't do that technique if I have somewhere going. I managed to get it into a not-so-neat bun and went out.

Moisturized and sealed using cantu sheabutter argan oil leave in and sealed with ORS hairepair vital hair oils.

Moisturized with cantu sheabutter argan oil leave in and ORS hairepair oil.

Washed the hair- post will be up later.


  1. Patricia Aikins-Gaisie9:51 am

    Thanks for sharing, great work done


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