Wash day+ Protein treatment

Last week was very hectic for me but I needed to do a protein treatment- cleaning and dusting so by the end of the week, my scalp was itching like crazy. Anyways, the inversion has ended so I took down the cornrow I put in for the inversion.
[1] Prepoo: I prepooed with eucalyptus oil mix for about 30 minutes and that made a world of difference as my hair remained moisturized after air drying.
[2] Shampoo: lathered twice with sheamoisture hibiscus and coconut
[3] Protein treatment: applied aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor for about 3 minutes
[4] Moisture treatment: Applied keracare humecto and covered with shower cap
[5] Leave in: Cantu sheabutter argan

oil leave in which I'll be using 3x this week for more protein.
[6]Sealing: I sealed with jbco


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="391"]image The cornrow was just foe the week[/caption]

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  1. Abena, have you noticed any growth from the inversion method?

  2. Awesome wash day - Did you get extra growth with the inversion method?

  3. Patricia Aikins-Gaisie9:22 am

    The wash day result came good i guess. I think the back is filling up. Please is that rubber band in your hair? if yes, its not good for the hair as it it will pull your hair

  4. I think so, especially, at the middle of the hair and the front


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