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OK, ladies. If I'd been told that I'll be sharing a week 9 post with you, I would have laughed it off. However, I know that since I brought my "other person" to this place, I haven't really been surprised. I mean 2 years ago, this 9 weeks would have been a norm.
Anyway, this week has been an inversion one. I inverted from Tuesday to Thursday because honestly the dizziness I had whilst inverting on one of the days scared the day light out of me so I quit.


Mira of mzdirectiongh was able to get me a bottle of 1000mcg Spring Valley biotin. It says to take up to 5 times a day but I take one. I haven't had breakouts with biotin of 5000mcg so I don't think this would.



From the day I got the cornrows installed, I've been applying jbco daily to the scalp. The worry I had was since I couldn't wash the hair, it might smell badly. I decided to try the baby wipes on Friday.


I decided to undo the style to switch it up which could also help with using the wipe to clean. Once the style was undone, I couldn't stand the "stench"! The jbco mixed with black seed oil on my scalp daily was a big mistake. Add that to inversion oiling and you get overdose. The last thing I need is to have that smell ( for many reasons I can't share here, a smelling hair is out of the question). Wiping wasn't going to help since the smell was due to the oils trapped in the rows. I took the for rows down! I know it was one of my March mini goals but if I couldn't stand the smell, you can imagine what others would think. Add that oil to my sweaty scalp, and you get double doze. I'm happy that for ONCE I wasn't eager to take down this style regardless of how boring the one way style was. I wasn't also using a braid spray as I hadn't gone to buy one yet so that was another cause. Lesson 2: if you are going to be using oil on your scalp, get a braid spray.

When I first applied the jbco to my scalp, my scalp itched like crazy! The same happened on the second and third applications. It stopped after that.

I didn't want to wash as I had no light but when I laid down my head on my bed, I had the most disgusting smell left on my pillow. Yes, gross but I want to tell you exactly what it is so you don't do daily oiling! I grabbed a few products and cleansed the hair.

I have some almost used up products which is good. I'd wanted to buy more products; I've changed my mind. I will let more run out before replacing them. However, I'm going to get some shampoo bars to use. That will mean item no 3 is out of my product list. Yeah!! I've eyed shampoo bars ever since EbonyCPrincess of longing4lengthhttp://www.longing4length.com shared her cool experience with them.

I look forward to next week when I do a bit of celebration ( you will know when it happens).

PS: Wash day post will be up soon.


  1. Glad you found a remedy for your hair. I can't oil my scalp everyday for similar reasons. Have you tried just rinsing the hair?

  2. abena9:11 am

    The middle part was twist and that was going to be difficult to wash as it would have unraveled smh. I didn't know she didn't burn the ends.


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