Week in review: Post 8 weeks thoughts

I'm certain some people will be amazed that I haven't said anything about itching to relax my hair or even mentioned the word. Well, necessity demands certainty. If I tell you my boring personality, you will understand why my brain has shut down to the thought of relaxing.

I told a friend that I'm one focused person but it's unfortunate it doesn't reflect in my hair journey else I would have achieved my goals already. On the other hand, the means to the end should be fun and not rushed, right? When I set my mind on something it categorizes as essential to my survival, then, I switch to focus mood. Else, I behave like the biblical doubting man spoken of by St. James. In real life, people don't think I'm this indecisive or spontaneous at all! All they see is a woman who takes life like a world cup or English premier league, always serious about life. Well, you know I'm certainly not like that lol. At least my blog testifies to that spontaneous, unpredictable, non serious person. As I mentioned, survival mood activates that stubborn, unflinching personality.

This is my last attempt at transitioning. If I feel like relaxing, I'll big chop quick time and hide the hair till it grows out. It might mean no updates till I'm comfortable to share my journey again. I set out to grow my natural hair and it's about time I do so. My life outside blogging is pretty much studies based, family oriented and sometimes, introverted.  I didn't want to achieve my goals too quickly else I'll be bored and boring too. However, for the sake of my readers, I've decided to hit my goals by next year December. I want you to see progress and be encouraged. It's like playing a game of ludo. I ought to "go home" rather than stay on the lanes and kick people back to square one! I love kick and go home lol. I can't keep going round and round and expect others to finish the game. I need to complete mine too.
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  1. Patricia Aikins-Gaisie9:57 am

    Thank you and i wish you all the best


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