13 weeks post||Trim ||

So far, two more ladies have joined me and so, we are tugging along each other's side lol. One of them happens to bear my local name too:-) and the other is a buddy of mine.
Anyway, let's see what's going on.

I also joined/organised a hair boot camp which kicks off in April. The current activity is to maintain our edges which is crucial since those edges have filled in nicely, I want to maintain them.
Catch my April one goal project on the 31st on my youtube channel and share your April goals.
My little girl at home claims my hair has grown A LOT. Well, I don't see it clearly but since I have hair anorexia for now, lol, I'll accept it.

I'm still very diligent with the biotin. Very easy to take too. I've increased it to 2x a day-2000mcg and will see if there's any difference in growth.
I've also decided to wear only wigs for the rest of the year; that will save time and money, allow me to have access to my hair easily too.

I'm also on a no buy challenge again. In fact, I know I'll be alright without those products as I'm looking into the water only wash method. For now, I'll use up everything without replacing and then decide on the next move.

I also took down the twist because I've started working out. It's not fun at all doing so with the twists. I gave myself a good trim to get rid of the relaxed hair at the ends so no more thin, standing up hair. I also do the LOC method which I will show you in a video.

So far, I haven't used any wig and might not do so for a while(I'll explain in another post).

That's all the ups and downs for the week. What's up with yours?


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