3 Wash Days in 10 minutes

Of course, that's to be expected.
One advantage about my length now is a quick wash.
Wash One
This was the day I big chopped. My scalp had been itching so I needed to wash it.

1] I simply shampooed with ORS hairepair shampoo after rinsing the hair with ACV diluted with water.
2] deep conditioned with Dark and Lovely amla legend mask.After rinsing the product out, I used acv again.

3] I wrapped a towel around the head to absorb excess water.
4]Applied Jbco mixture and followed up with African prise olive miracle moisturizer.
The Liquid Oil Cream technique of Moisturizing and Sealing seems to be working very well. My hair doesn't feel dry at all! Moisturizing once every other day is OK for now. Another reason is the satin pillow case which is preventing loss of moisture as a result of the hair rubbing on the pillow.

Wash Day Two
Two days after the ors wash, my scalp was still itching terribly. I literally kept scratching it till I realized I hasn't probably clarified it.
1] Shampooed with ORS aloe creamy shampoo
2] Applied Dark and Lovely amla legend mask.
3]Applied African hot six oils, followed up with African pride sheabutter leave in conditioner.
Wash Three
Prepping my hair for yarn twists
1] Co washed with Dove heat defence conditioner
2] Applied Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor. After rinsing it out, I applied keracare humecto
3] Final rinsing using ACV diluted in water

My scalp stopped itching after clarifying.
I'll be back in some cute extensions at the end of the month for the upcoming festive season:-) For now, I wear hair out at home and wig it when going out. I want to focus on boosting the moisture in the hair since I know how the hot weather can dehydrate the body.

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  1. Congrats on your Big Chop! I long for a 10 minute wash day, I'd even take a 1 hour wash day!

  2. Thanks. This is just a honeymoon period

  3. Wait you big chopped again??? I must have missed that post. I find it interesting how you big chop, grow your hair out, relax, transition, big chop again lol.

  4. abena5:58 pm

    My journey is such a roller coaster but things are stable now.

  5. HI! Wow you big chopped again! Congrats! I find that a short hair do is easier to maintain for new mummies (how's your little cutie?).
    Have you tried oiling your scalp regularly, I find that it works for me.

  6. abena9:28 am

    I've been oiling my scalp with doo gro mega thick growth oil these days but doing it sparingly to avoid smelly braids. Baby J is doing very well:-)

  7. Wash day with big chopped hair is such as a bliss..Enjoy it while it last

  8. kuukua6:22 am

    1 minutes! !

  9. kuukua6:23 am

    *10 minutes! woow.

  10. Congrats on your (latest) BC! I find that I wash my hair a lot more since I chopped than I did before.

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands


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