My Henna Experience-Regrets?

I'm answering questions regarding my henna use in 2013. When I first read about henna, it was used on  natural hair and I loved the results I saw. Later, I saw some relaxed hair ladies also using it including Stella of ghlonghair and she also had amazing results. This got me interested in trying the henna on my own hair.

I did read around the subject before purchasing the henna. I read about the different ways to prepare it, what to add to it and the different results you could get from the application process and method you choose. In the nutshell, I did do a lot of research before embarking on the this experiment.

When I did the  treatment, I loved the results. I had the colour I wanted; I really felt so good about it I kept admiring my hair in the mirror for days. Then, suddenly, I noticed something horrible with my ends after my relaxer touch up.

Catch more details in my video.

My Henna Experience-Regrets?


If you have any questions regarding using henna on your hair, then, this video is for you. mightf oser before


  1. adwoa3:49 am

    where do you get the products for your hair

  2. abena7:07 am

    From my own shop, and Ghlonghair online store on FB.


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