No Buying Challenge

I'm back on the no buy ride again. Last year, I was very successful in getting only products that were necessary and also worked well for me.
This year, I thought I could control the PJ in me; I lied. If I don't place an embargo on myself again, I'll be more than a PJ. I've so many products on my wish list and honoring them will only fuel my urge for more products. Instead, I'll be focusing on just retaining the length.
I'll be replacing when I empty but won't buy if I don't need it. That means I will buy for example a leave in when I'm almost out of the current one. But I won't wait till the last minute before doing so.
The way forward is creating a SUSU box- I put in 2gh each week thus 8gh per month. That should be enough to replace about 3 products by the end of the year which is a huge gain. I will also be purchasing only made in Ghana hair products to support a sister so watch out for reviews of products from our local industries. I, currently, have my eyes on Eya Naturals, MEJS and Tama.

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  1. kuukua10:05 pm

    Lol nice year goal. This year I've decided to try more diy stuff so that'll reduce my spreading on products. my wishlist dier gyae Lol pleeenty!


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