Taking Stock (1st quarter edition)

I saw this wonderful post on Lungi's blog and thought,"hmmm, now, that's something that will let my readers know more about me so why not do it too?"

Making : time to read more non-hair related post to broaden my scope of knowledge.

Cooking/ Eating : more fruits to promote my health and hair growth:-)

Drinking : less carbonated drinks and keeping up with water intake.

Reading: A University Grammar of English( Quirk et al)

Looking: at some Puma track shoes to start getting rid of postpartum belly pouch lol. Puma, make it happen wai (meaning OK?)

Playing: Dorobucci by Don Jazzy. I don't know any Nigerian language but music is a universal language. I do get my groove on with this song.

Wasting /Not Wasting: time! Learning to use every second judiciously

Wishing: that I were back to the gym already. I'm getting my footwear pretty soon so I start this month

Enjoying: my new home! I really like this place and shooting video just got better!

Waiting: to get back to the working world
Liking: my reminder app which keeps me in tune with activities for the day

Wondering: whether I can lose this belly pouch before Easter lol.

Loving: my shower rituals which has helped clear my facial bumps.

Hoping: to purchase my first car this year

Marvelling: At God's blessings for January

Needing: a new pair of jeans

Smelling: my victoria secret body splash. I spray some on my body even when going to bed:-)

Wearing: Shorts

Noticing: that February is moving pretty fast

Knowing: that I'll be working very soon
Thinking: about 30 things to do before I turn 30 hehehhe( will post that on the lifestyle blog.

Feeling: excited about starting baby J starting his solids.

Bookmarking: any new blog I find on the wash day experience link up

Opening: a recipe book for babies I got 4 years ago!

That's all for now, ladies.
Why not share your taking stock ideas too?


  1. I love this post! We do get to know you a bit better :)
    I'm also turning 30 this year *whoop whoop*

  2. Great!!!

  3. Patricia Aikins-Gaisie3:50 pm

    Amazing! this really nice. hmmmm sorry am leaving the 30's to my 40's in 3years time. but its has been fun


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