The Wig only challenge

Hi ladies, wig only challenge is the second personal challenge I'm undertaking for the year. As for the no buy, it's not new and I know how to handle it. However, this is a kind of strange territory because I have never submitted myself to not using extensions and seeing it through.

In order not to spend any money on a style that I know I'll take down in 2 weeks, I'm sticking to only wigs as my extensions for they year. I will add one or two to my current collection but that is the limit. I'll get the hair braided for the wigs when it grows out. For now, I can throw the wig one without a problem.

Secondly, that will not only reduce my expensive habit of spending money on styles I can't seem to keep for long, it will make my life less stressful in terms of enjoying my hair. With wigs, I will get cornrows every two weeks and still enjoy my hair each month, show you my progress monthly too.

Thirdly, I will channel the money into getting products instead as well as pay more attention to other areas of my life. As I have started working out again, extensions won't be of any benefit since I'll be sweating so much. Keeping fit and extensions are hard work I'm not ready to commit to.

Lastly, to be natural is to be a minimalist too. Well, I have been a minimalist with my hair for some years now but I will still take away more unnecessary hair stuff which includes the use of too much extensions.
I will keep you updated on my hair struggles as I know I will have withdrawal symptoms like any addict lol. Not getting braids and weaves is a challenge I will overcome.

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  1. kuukua12:54 pm

    That's my year goal too. But mine includes weaves. I'm on a break from braids and twists. I only twisty when in my natural state.

  2. I will also only twist with my own hair when it gets longer.


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