4C natural hair: yarn twists week 1

One week down in this set of yarn twists. It's exciting watching that dreadlocks like look others have for keeping their yarn twists in for months! That desire is absolutely a good motivating factor for me.
I've been wearing the twist loose to avoid sweat from building up on the scalp. I use the dark and lovely hair refresher to prevent bad odour from the yarn due to sweat and the shower droplets that touch the nape area.

If the weather favours me, I might do a full wash in 2 weeks time. I miss water on my scalp.

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  1. Patricia10:19 am

    congrats, i think you are really doing well

  2. Nice, I'm going to try this look too! :-)

  3. Hi Abena. LOVE those twists. they are so neat. Do you find the yarn to be drying or sapping moisture from your hair.

  4. abena9:31 pm

    My hair doesn't feel so dry but I used to keep it for just 2 weeks so I couldn't tell. Now, though, I will see how it works as I'm keeping the twists for a longer period.


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