5 hair Mistakes I won't forget

Though I love how I've come to understand my hair, there are a few things that would have made an impact a difference if I had been more diligent. Today, I'll share 5 hair mistakes with you.

1. Henna; either the technique I used was the problem or my relaxed hair didn't tolerate it. However, the consequences of the henna aftermath isn't something I can easily forget. It literally gave me a major setback and till date, it feels like 2013 was wasted year in terms of retention.

2. Not visiting natural hair products early. When you are so focused on finding what works for you, you tend to look at what has been made to cater for your needs. However, it's not always the case that other products for other hair types won't work for you. After using sheamoisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo, I've seen the truth in going out of your comfort zone.

3. Using too many protein based products which was another nightmare for me. I've learnt the hard way; relaxed hair doesn't need so much protein. A little is enough for your hair.

4.Not having patience with my hair after the first big chop in 2011. Perhaps, after the first flat iron after being natural, I'd have been OK with once a month visit to the salon for a flat iron till I could do styles without the hair being straightened. I would have been at my length goal by now. Well, we live to learn. By 6 months time, I'll be able to hold ponytails again!

5.Not starting hair vitamins earlier. Now that I have a baby, it's funny looking back at the missed opportunities I had to take the hair growth aids.

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  1. Patricia1:49 pm

    Some of these lessons harden us to take bold steps when its comes

  2. Patricia1:52 pm

    these lessons help us when its comes to healthy hair journey so we will not commit such mistakes again. Am glad you have over come these mistakes. All the best dear


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