My love-hate with elasta qp mango butter moisturizer

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So I bought this elasta QP mango butter  moisturizer way back 2 years ago, gave to my sister when it left my hair hard. She also didn't use it so I took it back and now, I want to try it on my natural hair.

I loved the fact that it's very thick and creamy which was what I like about my moisturizers. However, I'm hoping my natural hair will like it. So I'm looking at different ways to use it.
**Overnight green house effect/moisturizing. I read another blogger's trick where she leaves it on overnight for absorption. I'll do the same and cover the hair with scarf and net and see how the hair feels next morning.

*** Use it as the cream in the L.O.C method of moisturizing which I do using my coconut oil,jbco, black seed oil mix as sealant and sheabutter as sealant.
**Apply with L. C. O using it as the cream and follow up with sheabutter as sealant.
I'll see if it will work with any of these techniques. If it doesn't, then, I can give up on it.
Each time I use it, I'll note down how my hair responses to it and give you a feedback.

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  1. Patricia11:32 am

    Good please let me know how its goes, Mira of used it on her relax hair and she loves it. Let know how its goes with natural hair too. All the best

  2. Will definitely be sharing updates about it


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