Products currently on my wish list

Let's dive straight into those  products on my wishlist. In no particular order
1. Lace wig
2. Sheamoisture products( Any line)
3. Lilly of the desert aloe vera gel: Type 4c ladies use this on their edges and for twists so would love to see how it works on mine.
5. Mane n tail detangler: I've seen a lot of ladies use this which I will love to have as I go deeper into the stretch.( If you know where to get this in Ghana, hook me up)
6. Tresemme naturals conditioner: part of the conditioners I want to use this year. The reviews I've seen rate it as a good detangler.
7. More curlformers: The 20 I have isn't enough
8. More Flexi rods: 20 won't do the work anymore so need more.
9. Manetabolism hair vitamins: love the reviews I've seen so far so will like to use it.
10.Hooded dryer: my natural hair used to take  awhile to dry when styled so I need it for.speedy drying.
11. Detangling brush: I've seen something similar to denman brush at the game which I want to use for detangling.
12. Indigo powder: I will dabble in henna again but with indigo.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="551"]tresemme naturals conditioner tresemme naturals conditioner[/caption]

Since I don't have a ban on purchasing new products (except buying only when necessary). I'm sure you will be seeing some of these in my stash soon.


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