Use 1,Buy 1 Challenge

So though I don't have any product I want to purchase any time soon, I realized I don't have to wait to run out before replacing yet I don't want to buy haphazardly. I imposed a no buy challenge on myself as a result. Well, it seems I'm not the only PJ struggling
Thus, the no buy challenge I imposed on myself will be officially extended to you.
The use 1 buy 1 is all about buying a product when and only when you have emptied one. Very simple. If you empty 2,3,4 at a time, you buy according to how many you've emptied, 2,3,4...
The essence is to still be a product junkie but with a purpose.
So the official start date is 1st May and ends on 1st December, 2015. We'll have monthly check in on Facebook or on the check in article.
1. Check in once a month. Talk about whether you've emptied a product, and what you are buying to replace it. You can share pictures.
2. List the items you want to empty.
3. You are allowed to buy during sales and promotions even if you've not emptied a product. Just be sure to mention which sales/promotion it was that you bought the items so others will be prepared to buy items when the opportunity comes again.☺

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