Wash day with Anti flakes scalp wash

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I will have a video demonstrating how I do the wash.
Since it's been a week since I got the yarn twists, I had to clean the scalp

1. I separated the twists
2. Applied the dark and lovely anti flakes scalp wash[See my initial review here]
3. Used a piece of cotton to clean the scalp
My scalp felt fresh and clean. I did see the dirt on the cotton. This means I won't have a problem oiling the scalp once or twice a week.
I also use the dark and lovely hair refresher to keep any odor off. I already like these products. I have the initial reviews coming up on www.YouTube.com/EmprezzAbena so be sure to subscribe.

I was sent the cantu sheabutter for natural hair to try. I must say that I love the smell of the products and look forward to using them.
Check out my review of the scalp wash on my youtube channel

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  1. Patricia1:11 pm

    well done, you are enjoying your hair, i have not tried these before but let see how it goes. For dark and Lovely products mmmmmmm i love love love. All the best


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