Yarn twists week 2

It's the second week of the 10 weeks of yarn twists 💪. The 20 weeks relaxer stretch has really thought me new things. By setting this goals in weeks, I'm more eager to reach it and put myself to shame Lol.
I'll be doing another wash during the weekend.
I've also been applying jbco on the edges and will start using sulphur oil on the scalp twice a week. I've had this mixture for a while and want use it up before making a fresh batch.

The dark and lovely hair refresher is doing a pretty good job of keeping the yarn smelling fresh despite all the sweats from working out 👌. My review will be up very soon.
How do you maintain your extensions?


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  1. kuukua2:35 pm

    I wash my braids weekly, and I re braid the egdes every three weeks since I usually keep my braids for 8 weeks.

  2. abena2:41 pm

    How do u wash the braid?

  3. Patricia3:06 pm

    great one there, i can see you are really enjoying your locks. All the best


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