19 Weeks Post Relaxer

1 week to complete the 20 weeks relaxer challenge.
How did the week go?
I twisted my own hair on Sunday and kept it till I got the new yarn twists. I've been applying doo gro mega growth oil on my edges and scalp.
I don't want to commit myself to any statement regarding what I want to do with my hair. I won't say I want to do this or that and fail. I'll go with the flow. I do have wigs for any emergency though and I have a full post on what my plans are for my natural hair so keep reading the articles coming up.
Aside that, my edges are improving and I don't want to cause more harm with constant braiding. Let's see what happens anyway.
This is the perfect time to purchase the Eya naturals line so look out for that.
My color treated portions of the hair feel drier than the rest of the hair. That's to be expected so I moisturize those portions very often. There's no need for me to fret as I'll be trimming them off at the end of the year. Not deliberately but the trim won't be anything less than 1-2 inches if I don't trim before the year ends. Somewhere in September, I might do so. I haven't had a trim since I big chopped and I may have some few relaxed strands lurking in there too.

This is one week since I started the Nature's Bounty HSN. So far, so good. I will do a length check when I'm 3 months into taking it. For now, I take one gel once a day.
I have also emptied some products! Full details at the end of the month when I'm checking in the buy 1, use 1 challenge.

Don't forget to check out May-June glampackgh for some wonderful products including Eco styler gels.
It's my birthday weekend fun time!!! See my instagram for pictures.
Check out last week's review.

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