A black experience again

Hi empresses, It's time for a review of this week!
First, I took down the crotchet braid I put in for an event. Well, that hair used was the worse in terms of shedding. I loved the time texture so much but within 3 days, my home was hairy. It was very irritating having hair all over the place including Baby J's clothes! Awful, I tell you.
I ended up wearing my TWA to the event today.
My edges are worse again! Hmmmm. If I don't stop this braiding, I might get traction aloepicia, seriously. I do have cornrows as my last resort in terms of styles. Aside that, nothing else. May be by July, it will be possible to do so. As for now, it's TWA. I mean it this time round. I will get a wig to wear for interviews only. Apart from that, wearing my TWA isn't a problem for me at all. In fact, I can now use more products and do more washes to show you more of my progress.
Thirdly, I dyed my hair back to black!😁😁😁😁 Details will be on my YouTube channel so subscribe in order not to miss it. www.YouTube.com/EmprezzAbena
Lastly, I will have a wash day post up during the week about what I did to my hair after the dye process.



  1. Awww sorry. I feel you on that, I have crochet braids on. Mine doesn't shed as much, I'm loving it so far! :-D


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