A lazy wash day(TWA)

Hi ladies, I guess I'm getting really annoying always talking about my short natural hair aka TWA.( just kidding)
Yeah, it's all about being lazy nowadays so here's how the wash went.
1. Shampooed with ors hairepair shampoo, the last bit. I used that to detangle the hair as well using only my fingers. I had done finger coils [ see my instagram] thus I was quite careful with the detangling process. I didn't use any comb even when I finished washing. Therefore, I saw less hair on the floor.
Talk about the advantages of finger detangling.
2. Deep condition: using the last scoop of Dark and Lovely amla legend masque. I will repurchase this again for emergency use.
3. Leave in: I applied the African pride sheabutter leave in conditioner after allowing the hair to air dry for a while. Now, this may seem counterproductive to keeping in every drop of moisture but if I want to twist up this hair right after washing, damp hair works best. At least until I have the length for wet styling.
I didn't seal in the moisture because I didn't feel like it. 😠😠😠. Later in the evening, I applied Elasta QP moisturizer and Afroriri hair butter, twisted the hair up and called it a night.
When I twist the hair up, it's easy to moisturize and seal as it's in a more stretched out state. My hair is doing very well. My only problem is laying off those extensions which are causing me serious setbacks with my edges. Everybody is simply tired of my addiction to extensions including me.
Anyways, till another wash day, I'm just going to be moisturizing and sealing, doing nightly twists and finding ways to stop my receding hairline.


  1. Patricia3:38 pm

    hahahahahaha i love your hair, really i do. You can rock this style oooo, ladies with this learnt are doing so and u can also do wigging to helps your edges to breath


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