Diva Box Subscription Service

See the name on the page menu?
Well🎆🎇🎉🎉💞💝💖💟🎁🎊 it's my own subscription box!
The aim of this service is to provide ladies, especially, naturalistas, with a variety of new hair and beauty products to sample!
You get to try samples of various brands(3-7 products) which will make your trial and error much easier, less stressful and worth the money.

Why Diva Box?

Usually, ladies want to try different products at a time but the cost of getting individual items either from online or the market is a daunting task.
After getting what you need, you may end up having spent more on delivery than on the products itself. Subscribing to diva box gives you the chance to experiment with different brands without that stress! You get to try samples in the comfort of your room, hostel or office! You also don't need to roam around the country to discover products. We will bring new products to you right at your doorstep! So you enjoy your TV 📺📺📺 programs whilst trying new products!

Also, this service is a quarterly one thus you have amble time to pick up a pack as well as use up a pack. No product junkie, right? Yep!
Want more awesomeness? Well, you also get to safe on delivery! Why? You  don't pay for delivery! It's free anywhere in Ghana! Awesome!
To order, simply click emprezzdivabox

divabox on top of the menu or on Facebook @ emprezzdivabox


  1. I love the idea of a quarterly subscription. It gives enough time to use all the products. Monthly subscriptions can be too much at times

  2. Yes, thanks for your support.


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