How to start a healthy hair journey with NO MONEY

This post is particularly aimed at Ghanaian ladies.
So many of my readers have tried getting their journeys started but having no money to afford products is a huge complaint. Well, here a some tips on how to start caring for your hair when you have no money. By definition, no money means not enough, it doesn't mean the total absence of it.

If you know my hair journey story, I started with 5gh!  The first product I bought was one step leave in which lasted more than 6 months. So yes, there are very inexpensive yet effective hair products you can try.
1. Shampoo: Alata samina is a natural sulphate free soap you can turn into shampoo.
***Simply mix it with water and and use it as your shampoo. You can also get BO16 shampoo which is less than 4gh.
***You can also buy the big gallon shampoo that hair dressers use which is very cheap too. That gallon can last a full year.
***Use your baby shampoo; that's not too drying too.
2. Leave in: I bought MVP leave in for less than 8gh. You can create your own leave in by using aloe vera gel in your backyard. Mix the gel with water.
3. Deep conditioner: There are deep conditioners in shops aka steaming cream below 10gh.
***You can also create your own deep conditioner with banana, pear, raw yoghurt, pawpaw, honey
and even coconut milk.
4. Sheabutter, olive oil and coconut oil are easy to get. Use these after applying your leave in to prevent the moisture from leaving the hair known as moisturizing and sealing.
Technique 2

The other method is to study what your hair dresser is using. Tell her which ones you want. Eg you can use only conditioner to wash at the salon. You can ask her to do steaming for you.
You don't have to own hair products, just choose what is healthy from the hair dresser. Most of them have leave in and sheabutter. Use them.
Eventually, your hair dresser will know what you want.

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  1. Patricia3:41 pm

    Amazing. great post and all these ingredients really works too


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