My Natural hair regimen

I'm done with the #20weeksrelaxerstretch!!!!💪💪💪💪
I'm both sad and happy. What started out as a relaxer stretch ended in me doing the big chop somewhere in March so I have a natural hair regimen now. I made the decision to go natural once and for all and stop complaining about my hair so much. My postpartum shedding was also really a pain I had to tolerate. Thanking you all for your advice.

5 months doesn't seem that short at all compared to counting in weeks. 20 weeks of growth. I love my natural hair, the texture, the feel of it and the easy maintenance I'll be enjoying when it's long enough for a ponytail. Yes, a lazy natural here. So, what's my plan?
I have basically been using my regular products.

For shampoo, I used the ORS aloe creamy shampoo and still use it to clarify once a month. I do have enough for about 3-4 months. I'll switch to the dark and lovely shampoo for monthly use. I intend using alata samina when the former gets finished as my clarifying shampoo. I will also be using the sheamoisture coconut and hibiscus shampoo weekly. I'll then use the cantu sheabutter sulfate free shampoo. By next year, I'll be using more organic hair products so the dark and lovely shampoo will be used up too.

The goal is to use more co cleansing conditioners eg As I Am ☺ instead of regular conditioners. For now though, I have 2 conditioners to use. The tresemme naturals conditioner is meant for detangling whilst the Dove heat defense will be for weekly use. However, since I'll be doing mid week co washing,especially, after workout, I'll stock up on more conditioners from our local manufacturers . My workout routine will determine that one. I want to use a co cleansing conditioner as it's also less drying than a sulfate free shampoo on a weekly basis. Well, let's see how that works.

Leave ins
I use the African Pride sheabutter leave in which works very well on my natural hair too😘😘😘😘. I also have dark and lovely leave in and Eya naturals leave in. I'll use the eya naturals this year, alternating with the African Pride till both run out. The dark and lovely will come in when any of these previous mentioned gets finished. I'll purchase mejs leave in as a replacement ( Use 1, Buy 1 challenge rule). I have plans of trying other leave ins from our Ghanaian sisters making their own products.

I have a mixture of jbco, black seed and coconut oil which will be for prepoo and my edges. I also have a bottle of coconut oil I'll use alternating with the oil mix. It will also be used for overnight green house effect which I'll do during the harmattan season( yeah, my second harmattan as a natural). I will apply the oil on the ends especially, cover with a cap and follow up with a bonnet and a net. See this technique here and why I use it. I have a bottle of sulphur oil I apply on the scalp once or twice a week when I remember to. I also have two small bottles of other oil mixtures. There's so a 4oz jbco waiting patiently to be put to work. It seems the whole year not prepooing regularly has made me forget a lot of wash day rituals which helped with moisture retention. Well, I'm back on it. I have Afroriri butter (won it in a give away as well as the detangling conditioner)

For now, I'll get four packs of the small perm rods for twist and curl when I get the length for that. I have sample sizes of some eco styler gels ( see Mejs naturals). I will use that for my edges at the appropriate time as well as for twists ☺
I have been twisting up the hair. This make it easy to apply oils on the scalp. It's hard work twisting this short hair but I love the benefits of it. I woke up with clumped hair if I don't do it. In a few months time, it will take just seconds to twist up. One thing about not thinking of relaxer stretching is not worrying about styling for now either. 2016 will be a different story though.
However, I'm back in yarn twists which reach my butt😁😁😁. See my Instagram or Facebook for pictures. This time, I'm simply going to keep mute about how long I'll keep it. My success with the previous set motivates me to go more than 3 weeks:).

In addition, in order to fulfill my supportasista mission, I have quite a number of brands I want to try. Talk about experimenting again😆😆😆.
Yea, I have Eya naturals, Mejs naturals, Tama, Body butter, sheabutter cottage, Kanshi, All Pure Nature and about 2 more I'll talk about later.
Right now, I have Eya naturals and Mejs naturals on my list. I won't be purchasing whole sets because of my length. As time goes on, I'll use what my length will allow. Thus, the immediate ones are shampoo, conditioner, leave in and oils. Look out for that!

I've been using the dark and lovely amla legend mask and it's almost empty. I'll be using the keracare humecto mixed with aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor weekly though if I want to deep condition. Eventually, I will get our own GH products for deep conditioning.

What else? Uhmmmm, yeah! Clays will be featured too in my wash days☺. Shampoo bars and other natural products that have caught my attention.
Wash when my hair needs it- that could be weekly, bi monthly or monthly but definitely not more than a month. Twist it up to keep tangles away. Moisturize and seal regularly. Just water and oil is doing the job well for now. The hair is too short so if I use gel, the hair will slip off Lol. Thus, no twist and loc products yet. Also, it's easy to twist when it's a bit dry.( More on that later).
Whewwww! That was a long essay but at least you now know what my new regimen is.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360"]image Twist on short natural hair (twa)[/caption]

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