Wash day -Short Natural Hair

[This post should have been up last week]
I didn't want to wash when I took down the previous yarn twists. However, it smelt and felt terrible 😂😂.
**Clarify: I used the ors aloe creamy shampoo. I used a hand full to ensure a thorough cleansing.
**Shampoo: used the ors hairepair to replenish the moisture.
**Deep condition: I used the dark and lovely amla legend masque mixed with roux porosity control conditioner.
**Leave in: Eya naturals leave in
**Sealing: Jbco mixed with oils and Afroriri hair butter.
**Styling: twisted the hair for bedtime. This doesn't just stretch the hair, it prevents tangles and matted strands too.
Two days later, I co washed with the tresemme naturals conditioner for moisture ( I have about 4 more ways to use it before I review it).

How did your wash day go?

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  1. Oh I love tresemme..it's the best line I've ever used.works on my hair..Look forward to your review

  2. I would love to try the yarn twists. I love how cute your hair looks.

  3. Thank you!

  4. So far, nothing extraordinary about it. A bit disappointed but I'll use it for a little while before sharing my final thoughts


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