Week in Review: The Awkward Stage, Again!

At almost 6 months post relaxer, I can say I'm certainly over my short hair. Trying to keep it tucked away for long periods nor wearing it out often doesn't suit my schedule.
After two annoying encounters, I'm definitely not into wearing this short hair outside unless I get a descent twist or twist out. 😁😁😁
In fact, as I type this, I have wigs now. I twist up the hair under the wig and then undo it and wash, get another set done and continue that pattern. My hair can't fit into the cap if left out 😂😂😂.

It's a win-win situation. My hair remains tucked away when I want to or out if I want to without any brouhaha. I'm very happy about that.

Through all these, I'm happy to be natural. As I always say, 6 more months and I'll forget these days.
I'm therefore, willing to spend on this hair until it grows to the length I desire.

I am determined to grow this hair in its natural state so come rain or shine, I'll do so. On a brighter note, I'm now 22 weeks post relaxer!!! 2 more weeks and I'll be fully 6 months post relaxer and 3 months post big chop soon in the coming week.


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