3 Months Post Big Chop!"

Hi empresses,
I'm coming to you with an update about my current hair length, how I style the hair and how the journey is going. I surprise myself a lot these days,especially, the patience I've had with my hair this time round. At almost 6 months post relaxer, I'm all for a happy dance!
As you know already, this is my 3rd bog chop since embarking on this healthy journey. This time round, I chose to transition a bit before cutting off the relaxed hair and at 3 months post relaxer, I decided I was comfortable won doing the big chop.
Month one was very eventful with me getting yarn twists. I was very excited I could hide my hair whenever I wanted; something you don't get to enjoy if you cut off all your hair! My hubby was and is still very much in support of my decisions.
Month 2 was also eventful with another set of yarn twists. What I enjoyed most about the second month was being able to twist my own hair.
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