Carrot Juice Results+My Fabulous Cornrow Ponytail!

Honestly empresses, I can't stop counting in weeks 😁😁😁😁.
I haven't updated the week in review for 2 weeks, sorry about that. I'm now weeks post relaxer and I have some great news to share as you can see from the title.

The carrot juice was to run for a month but I did end up at day 20 because I finished the whole bunch meant for the month by the 20th. Smh. I go into details in the video. All about the changes in skin and hair too.
For July-August, the challenge is to hide the hair. I had a weave but that's another story. I had intended for a wedding but that didn't happen. Instead, I got my stylist , Rose, over to the house for cornrows which turned out so beautiful!
As part of the BC to Waist length challenge, I'll be doing mini challenges. We have a spot for 6 more people so if you want to join, drop a comment below this post and I'll add you.

Get all the details in the video.


  1. Wow ..looks like it went well.starting mine too

  2. Let me know your results when you are done☺


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