Grow your hair 2015 Challenge Update

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I know I was all excited and stuff at the end of 2014 when I talked about the phro group grow your hair challenge 2015 and how I was going to be keeping you updated. Well, shame on me! I did a few length checks before I big chopped and since then, I haven't posted any length update to show my progress.
Now, I didn't follow the rules to the dot because I had modified my regimen. However, the basics still remain the same.
Per the rules, I was to massage my scalp with coconut oil at least 2x a week but I have rather been using jbco.
Also, I'm going to look at the rules again and tweak my regimen so I can be in the game fully. We've done half of the year already and it's about time I reevaluated my hair goals.


  1. Patricia10:10 am

    Hahahahaha welcome to the rules again then, will be waiting to read from you soon

  2. Joining the challenge! My hair seriously needs some love.

  3. abena7:29 am

    You should definitely join.


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