How To Care For Natural Hair Under Wigs

Hi empresses, I'm sharing with you how how to care for natural hair under  wigs which  helps with growth and retention.

Even though I love weaves, I find wigs to be easier to maintain as well as giving me the chance to still care for my hair underneath it.

Wigs and weaves  are a great form of protective style. When you choose to use wigs, there's the temptation to just forget about your hair and allow it to be. Most people have come to use lace wigs, lace fronts and other forms of wigs as a means of protecting their natural hair or relaxed hair, especially during cold months. Well, in as much as you want leave your hair alone, remember that the wig can't moisturize and seal your hair nor wash it for you.

Just as you will wash the wig, oil and comb it, you need to pay attention to your own hair so it can thrive beneath the wigs. In doing that, you'll ensure that you derive maximum benefits from the wig as well as allow your hair to retain whatever growth you get.

Protective styling using wigs also allow you to reach your hair anytime you want so that should be a good opportunity to probably even use your growth aids, especially, growth oils to increase growth.

In the video, I share five tips on how to care for your natural hair under wigs. These techniques also apply to relaxed hair. Remember that relaxed hair and natural hair aren't so different with the exception of the former that uses chemicals to straighten it. Therefore, whatever technique that works for natural hair will similarly work for relaxed hair.

Please don't forget to share this video with friends so they can also learn how to care for their hair when they choose to wear wigs as a form protective style.



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