I Used Up 4 Hair Products!

Here's my check on for the Use 1, buy 1 challenge.
I've finished up the ORS hairrepair shampoo. I had this for almost 2 years, right? I think so.😁😁😁. You can find my review here. I won't be restocking this anytime soon as I mentioned that I'll be using locally produced shampoos. I'll replace this with Eya Naturals shampoo or Body Butter one. You'll know when I buy them.

Second is the dark and lovely amla legend mask which I won't be replacing soon because of the support a sista commitment. I'll check out the sistas for a deep conditioner. Any suggestion?

Third is the FC acne wash which I will be replacing with a body scrub. You'll know which one soon. I have a few on mind. Any suggestions?
Last one is the roux porosity control conditioner.
I have the mandate to get any 4 new products I want which I'll definitely be utilizing.😁😁😁.
You know I'm done with the spring valley biotin but I've already replaced that with the nature's bounty HSN.


I'm excited about getting rid of old products as I'm concerned I might be doing more harm than good with all the hoarding. Products do expire too so I ought to be diligent about using them up within a year.

Hair Products


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