My facial care routines

Hi empresses,
Today, I'll share the different routines I employ when taking care of my face. I have a few skin care products which you may know of if you've watched my reviews of the FC acne and hydrating washes.
Depending on several factors, my routine doesn't stay the same. OK, here's what I mean
When in make up
When I wear make up, I use a wash- for now, I have the FC hydrating wash, followed by a daily facial scrub. I've had some facial wipes I use first before the wash. If I have the acne wash, I'll probably use that more often than the hydrating wash to give my pores a good and thorough cleaning. The exfoliating wash also does a similar job. I know there are some make up removers there which I'll be trying. I'm incorporating the face wipes as they are the proper tools for removing make ups so grab one too. I have a video of my morning routine coming up soon so you can a better understanding of what I do.:)

When sis flow visits

Usually, I get small small acne here and there before and during the visit and that's when I make use of the acne wash. Now that I'm out of that, I simply follow the daily routine but I use clear and smooth acne treatment whenever the bumps get on my nerves😂😂.
Regular days.
I use the FC blemish control soap when I feel the face is a bit rough or doesn't feel smooth. Whatever the situation, it's either a facial soap or wash before scrubbing. I find that the blemish control is my least favorite as I don't have the smooth skin yet for me to go into maintenance mode. I feel that soap works well if you don't have any blemish and keeps your blemish at bay. Else, if you already have it, I don't think it helps.
Facial scrubs/mask
Once or twice in a month, I use a facial mask or the peel off mask after any of the daily routine

. I used have the st. Ives apricot scrub which I used about 2x a week. I'll be restocking that or grab another facial scrub.( I have a few scrubs now which should be up by next week.
I'll share with you how I'm able to give my skin some attention early in the morning before "work" time.

So, this is a general overview of my facial routine. I'll have the videos up so you get to see it in action.


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