Wash day: No more aching hands

When twisting the hair!
I'm glad to have noticed the progress my hair is making through the nightly twisting routine.
That has helped me to know how much growth I've had since I big chopped. Whereas I used to struggle to get my hair twisted up, especially, at the back, it's no longer a hassle to get the back twisted. This is a huge progress and improvement and I'm really enjoying it. Although my hair is tucked away, I'm extremely excited about this difference.

As I mentioned in one of my posts, I'm documenting all the ups and downs of the this journey for you. It's better than coming out one day with a huge fro as of all was smooth.
There were days I was very fed up with my inability to wear ponytails; I wished I had my transitioning hair on yet I overcame that by tucking the hair away even if it was for week.
Now, it's almost 7 months since my last relaxer and I'm able to have my hair in cornrows. Cornrow pony is one of my favourite styles and being able to twist easily was a prelude to being able to have the hair cornrowed.
How's your hair doing?


  1. Patricia3:37 pm

    Congrats, you are really making progress. My hair is in wig now but will think of something later

  2. I love the fullness. Great job on keeping the hair healthy.


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