3 Problems of Naturals in Ghana

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Yes, the availability of hair products now hasn't totally made our hair journey easier. It has its own stress which together with together with other problems, make our journey difficult.
1. Internet services: when surfline sent my hubby a notification that our credit was finished, it just left my in a limbo. How could that happen when I hadn't viewed youtube videos??? With our mobile networks, internet bundles are so costly that it's virtually impossible to watch more than 3 videos even in a month! How would naturals access youtube videos and also even support channels like mine?☺ This is very frustrating! Any network willing to solve this?
2. Cost of item delivery; it's very annoying when I have to send items to customers and I'm charged more than the price of the product. How is that going to help the customer? Paying for something and having to pay 2x for delivery also hurts me when I'm buying from other vendors. A lot of naturals might stay away from 5gh-$1 products because delivery alone can cost 20gh-$5 which is just too much!
3. Expensive products: I'm happy our local products are NOW very affordable but it won't hurt if it became cheaper☺. For imported ones, you can't help but just admire and move on because the dollar and our cedi are far apart. This makes it difficult for me as a seller too as I can't sell the items the way I wan t to. For example, sheamoisture products are really sort after but with the prices we have, how can we buy them?
3. Hair tools: I've been looking and searching and asking for afro pick yet can't locate one. The result? Messy twist outs! It's good to have some of these around but knowing how my agent treated me, how can I purchase items online again? This is the frustrations vendors go through to get products down to Ghana and due to this, we don't have some of the tools that will make our journey easy.

What problems do you face as a natural in Ghana?
I'm glad Afrostastic is around to solve some of these problems. Never seen me before? Catch me there tomorrow hehehhehe
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  1. Patricia1:48 pm

    hmmmmmm relax hair also has it own problems, products are getting expensive each day. I hope you get what you want soon

  2. sally3:40 pm

    Pat is right. Went to town to purchase items but could only buy just 3. Still got more to buy cos I got mum to start her hhj. Double trouble

  3. I'm so glad you are addressing these issues on here! Kudos.

  4. abena9:59 pm

    Thank you!


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