Defining 4C Natural Hair Curls

Hi empresses,
Did you know there are ways to define curls? I bet you do yet when it comes to the 4B and 4C naturalistas, it becomes a touch and go affair.
I was prepping my hair for a co wash and unintentionally ended up doing what turns out to be a form of tightly curl girl method( more on that later)
Apparently, there are 3 ways to define ones curls; the  curly girl method, tightly curly girl method and Maximum Hydration Method..I'll give you full explanations later
Have you tried any of these methods?
Anyway, back to the co wash.
After my wash day twist out, I, decided to co wash to remove the gel I had used for a hold during the second twist out.
I worked in a great deal of Afroriri detangling conditioner, followed up with oil and added the last bit of my Dove heat defense conditioner[ review is coming up shortly].

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="509"]Hair with conditioner in it 4B/4C short natural hair with conditioner[/caption]

Detangling wasn't just a breeze, my hair felt soft and knot free[ still used only my fingers throughout the process].


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