Hide Your Hair Challenge; Twisted TWA

Hi empresses,
It's another month and another time to achieve another hair goal!
You already know July is for hiding our hair [ Click here if you missed that post]. Since I can't commit to long term protective styles, wigs are going to be my best friends.
What I've done so far is to twist up the hair and cover with a scarf if I'm at home. When going out, I grab my wig and move along.
The twist regimen will help in several ways.
1. Make moisturizing and sealing very easy as I have access to already sectioned hair in the form of the twists.
2. Oil my scalp with ease using jbco as part of the jbco challenge hosted by hairequest
3. Allow weekly or bi weekly wash. I'll attempt washing my hair in the twists and see how it goes. If it doesn't go down well, I'll wash the hair loose.
4. Less tension on my edges which have been recovering from the harm I've caused it with all the extensions.
5. Save me money as I won't spend on any expensive style. I'll however be getting cornrow ponytail if I get bored; cheap and time saving.
So, let's see how July goes.
How are u hiding your hair?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="720"]My 4b/4c natural hair twisted up Hair twisted up[/caption]


  1. Patricia1:31 pm

    Good for you,am also hiding my hair with wigs and i love it so far. i have cornrows under my wig with only my hair, i wash my hair in it. i dilute my products before.


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