I washed My Hair Using Bucket Method

And I thought I could go for another 2 more weeks before washing Lol.
Hi empresses, this funny lady here thought she was being smart by hoping to stretch her wash days. Alas! Her hair had other plans.
Since my eye infection was clearing up, I decided to wash the hair. However,
1. I wasn't prepared to hop in and out of the bathroom to shampoo, DC and rinse.
2. I wanted no lather on my face nor in my already fragile eyes
So, I decided to do a bucket wash.

I created a mix of these three products in the picture. The afroriri detangling conditioner, cantu sheabutter for natural hair detangling coil cream and jbco for my pre shampoo treatment as well as detangling mix. I topped up with about a tablespoon full of honey.
2] I allowed the conditioner mix to work for about 2 hours
3] Placed a bucket under the bathroom tap, tilted my face downwards into the bucket and allowed the flow of water to hit the head. This wash meant that I wasn't going to be wet from water splashing on the floor too.
4] T shirt dried the hair and applied Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor and keracare humecto.
This bucket wash method is best for cold weather too as the water is far from your body. It's like washing at the salon. I'll be using this method when I replace those two deep conditioners. Also, I'm banned from washing in the bathroom because I always choke the drain😂😂😂😂. So, this bucket wash will allow me to drain the water out of the bucket leaving the hair at the bottom for disposal. The things we put our spouses through.
I'm currently wearing cornrow ponytail again for 2 or 3 weeks to give myself a break from over manipulation of my fragile hair.


I twisted the hair up to stretch it and wore a frohawk during the weekend for Afrotastic event.


  1. Patricia9:57 am

    You are really enjoying your wash days, did you say you Aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor and keracare humecto.? Aphogee i know is protien, karacare humecto act as what?

  2. Keracare humecto is a moisturizing deep conditioner

  3. Patricia10:26 am

    Oh ok never knew that, Thank you dear

  4. I need to try the bucket method. I love how the hair turned out.


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