My Regimen For My Growing TWA

I certainly had to switch up and tweak regimen to cater for those changes that are coming up as a result of the twa moving into the awkward stage.
1. Prepoo/Detangle: This is the most tedious stage of my wash day. As at now, I finger detangle. As the hair gets longer, I plan to incorporate a comb just to see how it will work. For now, oil plus a conditioner are key to a successful detangling section. Also, my ends are the driest and because of that, I'm very careful with using a comb to detangle. Finger detangling helps me to gently separate the strands which is reducing the breakage at the already fragile ends. I've seen a lot ladies with my texture type finger detangle so why not start early and enjoy the benefits early?

  1. Shampoo: I'm still using sulfate free shampoos though I will be switching to a natural one like alata samina aka African black soap. This hair of mine can get very dry so I need to retain moisture at all stages of the wash day. However, the water here is very hard and contributes to build up. To reduce the impact of this, it's better to use a shampoo that can remove mineral build up. To do that requires regular use of chelating shampoos so ors aloe shampoo will be in the stash forever.

  2. Conditioning: My hair loves light protein treatment. However, my favourite product for that which is the ORS replenishing conditioner requires heat and that my ladies, will be very difficult to do as I prefer to wash my hair as I take my shower. I also don't want to use the aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor again because I want to have a product which is balanced in protein and moisture and the ORS replenishing conditioner does just that. The current washing method will allow however the ORS as I will be using the sink nowadays. Choking the bathroom hole isn't an option. I'll see how I can get shots of the sink wash.

  3. Leave in conditioner: I still use a leave in conditioner because it provides moisture for the hair before I can seal with my oil or butter. I like all the leave ins I have now and will have some around till I decide otherwise.

  4. Stretch: This is another tedious part of my wash for now. It's ironic that the first and last stages of my regimen are the most troublesome Lol. Anyway, stretching with ouchless bands does the job as well as twisting. However, as I gain length, I will combine these two methods for a better stretch. You'll see what I mean when the time comes.
    So, in sum, this is the skeleton of my growing twa regimen. You'll get all the details as you stick around.
    Moisturizing and sealing is another post on its own so stay tuned.


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