Taking Stock #2

We've ended another quarter, praise be to God! I'm taking stock so let's dive into it.

Making : time to put down more thoughts as well as share more pictures here.

Cooking/ Eating Taking :hair vitamins

Drinking : less water; I need to get my 2 litres bottle again

Reading: Motivation posts

Looking: forward to some new additions to my wardrobe

Playing: Aye by Davido. I love the beat of this track as well as how Davido dances!

Wasting /Not Wasting: money, I've cleared almost all debts🙌🙌🙌🙌

Wishing: for God's miracle for my family

Enjoying: nurturing my body!

Waiting: for more opportunities to promote my blog and youtube channel

Liking: my phone; makes my day-to-day activities less stressful

Wondering: if I'll get to have my trim and fit belly by the end of July. I have to be in beast mode.

Loving: how I'm getting better with make up

Hoping: to reach 1000 youtube subscribers by the end of the year.

Marvelling: At God's miracle in my sister's life. Her baby was born with butt first Lol. He's such a wonder. He's baby Nathan- God's gift

Needing: Canon t3i or t5i

Smelling: my Sadie deodorant

Wearing: trousers

Noticing: baby J getting smarter each day

Knowing: God is lifting me up to greater heights

Thinking: about how many give aways my readers and viewers are going to be enjoying from now till December.

Feeling: happy for having my grandmas around

Bookmarking: any new blog I find on Google +

Opening: the new Wenaturals hemp oil range!

That's all for now, ladies.
Why not share your taking stock ideas too?


  1. Patricia8:55 am

    Making: time to focus more on my parents

    Eating: my Pawpaw & carrots

    Drinking: 3 liters of water a day

    Reading: blogs that motivate me about hair & skin

    Looking: forward to getting my new kenta cloth with amazing design I have been eyeing

    Playing: Jesus Take the Wheel by Carrie Underwood!

    Wasting: not wasting anything including food

    Wishing: For Favour for my Husband and kids, including the unborn

    Enjoying: pampering my hair

    Waiting: for the Grace to touch someone life with a great big surprise

    Liking: myself and family

    Wondering: if I’ll be grazing APL by December

    Loving: how am enjoying my makeup practices

    Hoping: to succeed in my upcoming exams

    Marveling: At how God favours me and my family each single day

    Needing: Aphogee 2 minute protein treatment

    Smelling: my Colour-me spray

    Wearing: straight dress

    Noticing: that my friends despise me because of my new car, which is not actually a necessity to me

    Knowing: That I have Blood of Jesus as my shield

    Thinking: of getting some product that will let my hair grow abnormal. (heheheheh)

    Feeling: That my Dad is still holding on by God’s mercies

  2. abena9:20 am

    Thank you so much


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