3 Tips To Survive The First Six Months Post Big Chop

Now that I've crossed the 6 months mark( I actually forgot ), I'm going to share with you just 3 tips that have helped me make it is up to this point.
A] Hair Extensions: I'm not one to sing about how much I love my TWA all the time as that's not the case. I, actually, love being able to style my own hair which is the only thing I miss about transitioning. So, I put my hair into extensions even of it's for 2 weeks to give me a break from seeing the short hair daily. Handling the TWA daily can make you miss your length so much that you may regretting the cut. When regrets set in, there's the tendency to grab a relaxer to ease the stress. The journey is about what makes you comfortable so be yourself.
B] Friends: I can't tell you how much my friends have been a shoulder for me. You have to connect with people on a healthy hair journey and not simply your friends. You won't seek dress size advice from a shoe shine so why expect support from someone who doesn't know the value of your journey?
C] Experiment with Products; like binge eating or drinking, you'll need something to make you feel better on days you aren't in love with your TWA. You can try clay wash, DIY recipes, co washing, hot oil treatment, among others. By doing these, my mind still remained focused on my hair. I didn't want my mind to constantly remind me of the short length. I looked forward to each wash day as a result of such experiments. Please, note that experimenting doesn't mean being expensive. Most of these products are very affordable.

If you've gone past the 6 months mark, how did you survive?


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