30 Days Manetabolism Challenge (Mane Choice Hair Vitamins) Update: Acne, Water In Take?

Hi empresses
Hope you are doing better than I am; well, at least the mane choice hair vitamins cheers me up . My phone has really broken my heart but I pray for the best. As I wait for my life to get better, I've been giving my hair all the love and attention I can offer. Here's my update on the mane choice vitamins. I might not be able to do another update as my hair is in cornrow braids now. Life is now hectic and things are getting very complicated for me to deal with my hair gently. I'll keep you updated on what is going on very soon but for now, enjoy this short mane choice vitamins update.



  1. Glad you're having a good experience with the vitamins. I'm concerned about the potential foe acne. :-( Looking forward to the results.


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