Afroriri Luxe Detangling Conditioner Review

I won the Afroriri Luxe detangling conditioner in a give away on their instagram page. I'd been wishing for any of the Afroriri products just to have a feel of it due to the way my friends on facebook were raving about it. I was thus super excited when the conditioner plus other products finally arrived at my door step.image

Full Name: Afroririr Luxe Detangling Conditioner
Price: 25gh
Availability: check with the Ghanaian online shops eg Ghlonghaironlineshop
Description: Leaves hair healthier & stronger as seen in the picture. No silicones, Parabens etc




My Views:
Rate 4/5


  1. This review is not only gave your rating.what accounts for that rating?

  2. abena8:46 am

    Have you watched the video?


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