Getting Rid Of Acne Scars!

Getting rid of acne scars is now my goal.
For the past  couple of weeks, I've been working on achieving an acne free face. Now, during the time I had slacked on my facial routine, I developed some scars on my cheek area as a result of the pimples I had "pressed" Lol.
So, it's time to remove those dark blemishes in order to have that smooth, glowing face I've been striving for.
To start this battle, I'm trying home made remedies first.
What I'm using is a combination of apple cider vinegar with honey diluted in water once a day. After that, I follow up with Clear and Smooth Acne treatment to prevent new acne from popping up.
I'll give this treatment 30 days to see any change. After that, I'll move on to another remedy if it doesn't work though I pray it does.
What do you use in clearing acne scars?,


  1. MissAj11:53 am

    Great work. At the moment am using only pure unrefined honey on my face. I apply d thick content an hr before I bath in the morning and evening. I then apply invisible acne cream by Well from walgreens (10% benzoyle peroxide). It's keeps d face dry n dries out old pimples whiles preventing new ones too. Very effective.
    I wait for 2mins before applying my moisturiser. I started using the honey 2 days ago and hope to see a positive result and scarless cheeks in 30 days too.

  2. abena9:21 pm

    We'll get the skin we want


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