Mid Year Hair Goals Review

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In reviewing the hair goals, let's look at products

  1. Try 3 new moisturizing deep conditioners. What I'm itching for are ORS hair mask, Creme of nature moisture mask, Fantasia IC heat protection serum, and a bonus being avocado oil.  herbal essences hello hydration conditioner, tresemme naturals conditioner: I have the tresemme naturals moisture conditioner now. I may not purchase the hello hydration as my hair is thriving with the tresemme. I'm going to get the deep conditioners soon.


The next one is to wear my own hair 90% of the year. My edges are filling in well and I don't want any braid or extensions to destroy my progress. Buns, twist outs and braid outs will be my styles. I will also attempt more protective styles with my own hair. I, actually, caught myself laughing at my non existent edges thanks to my own doing! I'm yet to have the length for buns but by December, I'm hoping I'll be able to do so.
I'm really making the effort to keep my edges from deteriorate again so jbco is back in actions. That's what seems to be working for me and I'm happy to be partaking in the jbco challenge by hairequest.

Lastly, I WILL be Armpit length next year by this time by God's grace. I'm not hoping, I'm claiming it! Laughing at this too as I've big chopped and my hair is still neck length but who knows? The hair vitamins are helping so I won't rule this out yet.😁😁😁😁.

My 2015 goals are the simplest I've ever set and easy to achieve if I don't suffer setbacks again. ( I don't plan to).
I'm adding new goals to keep me in check.
1. Stay away from permanent hair dyes/colours, I'll be doing temporal colours though but not this year.
2. Purchase new hair tools; denman brush, hooded dryer or heating cap,

check out my 2012 and 2013 hair goals to see the difference.


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