My Phone Fiasco

Because my life isn't as simple as it used to be.
My sweet hubby has got me a new phone and I'm so grateful for that. Yu can't imagine my shock and excitement simultaneously when he gave it to me. Let me tell what 2nt on with the Tecno h7 first so yu can understand this cornrow saga.
One day, i n July, suddenly, I couldn't pick calls. I could make them though so I.decided to manage it till I had time to send it to the service centre for repairs. Well, within that time, the phone fel, the screen cracked, my surfline run out and I had no social media life. The screen was replaced at a cost that clearly smelled fishy but again, it was my fault for not going to the service centre first. The screen worked but camera didn't, still couldn't make calls nor receive them. I had my good Dumsor(blackout phone)/for calls but my laptop which is has turned a desk top because of a weak battery couldn't also access the net nor stay on as the blackouts are a day & night affair.
I'm glad to be back online in a way but I'm honestly not as giddy about social media like a month ago.
Besides this, I have been preoccupied with interviews so don't forget to pray for me for good outcomes.
That's the whole situation and I know God has really taught me a lot during this period. Right now, I'm familiarizing myself with the new phone.


  1. Glad you got a new phone. Sorry about all the issues

  2. abena9:09 pm

    I'm glad to be back online


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