Temporal Mini Twist

So, hubby has encouraged to braid my own hair and the easiest I can do is mini twist. He's said it on numerous occasions but fear wouldn't allow me. Because I have an extremely sensitive scalp, others doing my hair means that it will be difficult to have the loosely braided hair I need regardless of which stylist. That's a fact I've been struggling with. Over the years, I've tried to stop getting Extensions but to no avail. Hubby thinks after 4 years of being on this journey,I should have the courage to do the basic ones- cornrows so that I can do my own weave and Kinky twists. These two are therefore on my to do list for this month.
This month, I'll buy 2 packs of marley braid and do my own twist.
I want to see this challenge as an opportunity to implement all the tips I've learnt.
For now, I'll be wearing mini twists I'll be wearing under my wig. I may do the kinky twist this week if I'm able to get the hair.
I have a friend who's going to teach me the cornrows. That means I'll do the rows according to my taste and thus do my own crotchet and weave.
Whatever happens, I'll keep you updated.




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